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Crystal began writing journals in response to her client's continued request for journals and other forms of workbooks. Crystal enjoys spending time with her son and embracing life. Crystal's goal in life is to create positive change with those whom she encounters.


As a new and licensed clinician, keeping up with job requirements as well as your board's supervision requirements can be a bit overwhelming. You no longer have to search for that specific paper where you jotted a few notes down, ponder on discussion topics for supervision or try to recall feedback offered in your supervision session. This clinical supervision organizational journal affords you the opportunity to keep your supervision notes, questions, hours, feedback and much more in one location.


Anxiety can manifest itself in so many ways and occur without warning. Anxiety alerts us to danger, helps us to prepare and pay attention. Anxiety becomes a concern when it’s hard to control and affects daily functioning. Anxiety can create body tension, irritability, loss of control, difficulty breathing, or trouble concentrating. Others may experience excessive worry, unwanted thoughts, or restlessness. Seeking counseling services and using this self-guided journal affords you the opportunity to gain control of your anxiety.

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