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Clinical Supervision and Consultation

Image by Amy Hirschi

Are you in need of clinical supervision or consultation? I am currently accepting new supervisees!

“Don’t underestimate yourself. You are more capable than you think.”

- Misty Copeland



Clinical supervision is offered for LCMHCAs. I have training in Clinical Supervision as required by the NCBLCMHC Board. Supervision is an opportunity for the supervisee to develop skills, knowledge, and counseling practice to protect clients and become a competent clinician. The model of supervision that will be used is an integrative approach that will utilize aspects of the Integrated Developmental Model, Person-Centered Model, and Cognitive-Behavioral Model of supervision. My approach to supervision will be based on your level of skill and confidence as a clinician, and I will work towards developing a trusting supervisory relationship to increase your comfort in genuinely discussing your clinical growth and development.


Consultation services are also offered for seasoned clinicians who require additional support and/or case consultation. Consultation is an ongoing learning process for experienced clinicians who benefit from ongoing clinical supervision with peer and consultation groups, on a regular or as-needed basis.


Supervision meetings are currently held virtually, using HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software with the option of in person.


As a new and licensed clinician, keeping up with job requirements as well as your board's supervision requirements can be a bit overwhelming. You no longer have to search for that specific paper where you jotted a few notes down, ponder on discussion topics for supervision or try to recall feedback offered in your supervision session. This clinical supervision organizational journal affords you the opportunity to keep your supervision notes, questions, hours, feedback and much more in one location. 


Clinical Supervision Journal

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